One of the main questions that customers have is How does a TV aerial Antenna actually work? and the answer is: Every Aerial Antenna used across the world receive there signal from the elements and sometimes reflectors attached to the antenna. Also, The TV aerial is made of conductive metals so electromagnetic waves carrying television signals induce tiny electrical currents in the Aerial antenna to pick them up. The television set amplifies the Wave signal and selects the information that carries vision and sounds. Aerial Engineers refer to TV aerials as ‘Wideband or Digital Aerials’. The metal plate at the array’s far end reflects the signal back down its length. The parallel rod-like structures that run along the length of the aerial are specially spaced to optimise signal strength. And if you ask which aerial we recommend this would be the periodic aerial by Friccaro. If you require more information on How does a TV aerial Antenna work then contact someone at TV Aerial Installation Wakefield and they will be able to answer all your TV Antenna Questions.